Myert Corps

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Myert Corps is an agency that works with unemployed individuals in British Columbia and across Canada. Our primary goal is to move youth and adults to a higher level of responsibility and independence by taking a holistic integrated approach to their Education and Employment development.

Ability to manage projects

Myert Corps management and staff have devoted considerable energies to the delivery of referral and follow-up programming to clients of both Service Canada and the provincial government in the Fraser Valley over the last ten years. This experience has allowed our organization to develop a resource-efficient and reliable, client-centered, case management model of assessment, referral and follow-up. The Myert Corps service-delivery model guarantees accurate, appropriate and timely assessment and referral of unemployed clients to the best possible community resources that can satisfy individual needs for early re-entry into the workforce. Myert Corps has continued to worked cooperatively with service providers in Langley, Abbotsford and Chilliwack area to meet the objectives set by Service Canada. On the global front, Myert has continued to engage and advise our partners in developing nations by assisting with development projects. In so doing, new synergies have been put into place to allow for the best possible service for our mutual clients and our overseas partners.

Experience in dealing with the unemployed

Myert Corps employs staff that is from a diverse cultural heritage and is highly skilled in intake and assessment techniques, incorporating in initial evaluations such client presenting issues as prior learning, cognitive ability, and literacy and numeracy.

MYERT Corps is an active corporate citizen and has played an active role in Fraser Valley Chambers of Commerce (Langley, Abbotsford and Chilliwack) participating in various employment and labour market related sub-committees. MYERT Corps is a member of ASPECT and NETWERCC.

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