Home Church Langley exists to restore prodigals to the Family of God by attracting "the missing" and winning them to Christ and His Body, developing them to spiritual maturity, equipping them for ministry and helping them establish a life mission to the world. Here are some fun and easy ways to get involved at Home Church Langley.

Contact the HCL office for more information on any of these opportunities to get involved.


Bring Food Once-A-Month

At HCL we have a delightful "Community Time" in the middle of each service - a time for people to enjoy good food and sweet fellowship together. Nobody attends HCL and goes home hungry!

Help Set-Up Once-A-Month

We're trying to be good stewards of God's tithes and offerings, so there's no Building Campaign at Home Church Langley. We're very happy renters who love connecting and supporting with the elementary school we’re in. But that means we sweat a little more than average, because we set up each Saturday from 3:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. This is a great way to be active, make friends, and participate in an important task of converting an empty gymnasium into a fully functional worship facility.

Kitchen Ministry Once-A-Month

To prepare for Community Time, you can help brew coffee, organize the food platters, and when the fellowship is over, load the dish-washers!

Signs Work Wonders (Every Weekend)

You can help attract visitors to Home Church Langley by putting up an attractive sign - in a high visibility spot in your neighbourhood - each Friday afternoon and take it down 48 hours later on Sunday afternoon (before the local by-law department gets upset!)

HCL Business Cards

The Church is not a building, it's people. It's you and me. We are The Church. And if that's true, then we need some simple tools to represent The Church. Like these Super-Thick, UV Coated Business Cards. Perfect for handing out to that person with whom you just had that spiritual conversation.

Facebook Promoter (Every Weekend)

If you're a Facebook junkie, why not join the Home Church Langley Facebook team! Each Thursday, you'll get an e-mail with links and information about what's going on next Sunday. Simply post and start promoting Home Church Langley with your friends!

Flyer Neighbourhood Delivery (occasional)

If you like healthy exercise and having conversations on the street, you'd probably enjoy this. Whenever we're gearing up for a neighborhood outreach campaign, we print up sensational flyers, by-pass Canada Post, and save thousands of dollars a year - simply by delivering our own flyers. Routes ranging from 100 to 400 houses are available and catered to your time availability.

Specialty Tasks

There is something to do for absolutely everyone at Home Church Langley. You can even focus on just one of these specialty tasks:

  • Chair set-up

  • Chair take-down

  • Sandwich Boards set-up

  • Sandwich Boards take-down

  • Welcome Table set-up

  • Welcome Table take-down

  • KidZone Area set-up

  • KidZone Area take-down

  • Community Room set-up

  • Community Room take-down

  • House of Prayer Tent set-up

  • House of Prayer Tent take-down

  • Monitors take-down

  • Cable rolling

  • Runner roll-ups

  • Kitchen Laundry

  • Dishwasher loading

  • Dishwasher unloading


NOW Team Member

If you're a true-blue people person who loves meeting strangers and making them feel welcome, then the Newcomer Orientation and Welcome Team is perfect for you! Your special assignment is to meet and greet and help the Pastoral Staff complete it's attendance tracking system so people can quickly get on stream and appropriately involved.

KidZone Teacher (Every 3rd Month)

Kids have a special place at Home Church Langley and if you're in love with kids the way we are, and want to share Jesus with them, the KidZone is the place for you!

Small Group Host (Weekly)

The Early Church gave themselves to study, teaching, fellowship, the breaking of bread, and prayer. It's clear that God blesses us when we meet together, fellowship together, study together - share life together. You can open up your home to include people who want to be known and need to know Christ.

Small Group Leader (Weekly)

These are the invaluable shepherds of Home Church Langley who teach, train, love and pray with the rank and file church members, week-in and week-out. HCL has a wide array of DVD teaching materials, so the teaching part isn't as onerous as you might think.

Audio/Visual and worship

We are always looking for tech savvy individuals who would be willing to learn how to run the sound board and manage the PowerPoint. There are also opportunities to participate on the worship team. Each of these jobs will require some training, but we’re always happy to teach those who are willing to learn!