Patrick Murphy

Born December 30, 1956. Not dead yet. Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis and me. The world got a good deal that year. Four brothers, two sisters, one mother and one perpetually drunk wife and child abusive Irish father. They say if you can't say something nice about someone, say nothing. So about him, I have nothing to say and I just said it.

Catholic school upbringing, St. Pius and St. Brendan's college and I learned enough to win a scholarship to the University of British Columbia in one of our far-away colonies, Canada a country about which I knew approximately nothing.

Uneventful life until September 1985 when I noticed a lump in my neck. Turned out to be testicular cancer which has metastasized through my lymphatic system. Tumours all over the place. The next five years spent either in hospital or briefly at home recovering from being in the hospital. Seven operations in total. Countless chemotherapy and radiation sessions as at one point I was given 24 hours to live and the priest was sent to administer last rites. I did not want them, or him. I'm afraid I was a little rude, but I wasn't in a particularly good mood that day. Like I said at the beginning, still not dead.

A lot of good came out of it, however. I gave my self 10 points for still breathing and 10 points for not throwing up every five minutes. Anyone of you who have been through chemo will know what I mean. For those of you who have been fortunate enough to avoid it, every five minutes is the literal truth. I've already had the worst day of my life, so every thing looks like up to me.

Oh yea, one weird but (nobody ever believes me,) thing; one of the larger tumours was wrapped around both my aorta and the vena cava. To remove it they had to slice through my navel and my first conscious thought waking up in intensive care was not "who am I", it was "what am I". So I was literally born again at age 30.

How did I come to Home Church? Music. I heard the music, saw the sign came in and have been here ever since. I enjoy every day as if it were my last and so should you. One day it will be and 25 years ago in my case it should have been. Give thanks to God; render unto Harper whatever you owe Revenue Canada and try to do what I try to do every day. Do something nice for someone else, just for the heaven of it.

Good night and may our God be with you.

Michael Moll