Margaret Mitcham

I was born and raised in the 1930's, along with my five brothers and two sisters, in a small two bedroom house on Johnston Townline Road, now known as 216th Street in Langley. Our house had electricity but no running water or bathroom. We were all raised Catholic and the church was five miles away, so on Saturday and again on Sunday, we walked 20 miles each weekend to go to church because the ten of us couldn't fit in dad's car. We were all baptized, confirmed and had first communion.

I left home at 21 years of age and took a course at Vancouver Vocational Institute as a book-keeper. I got a job, got married at 23 years of age and quickly was expecting my first child. But at 7 and a half months, I lost the baby. I got pregnant again, but lost the second baby at full term. I had given up. But thanks to the Lord, He then blessed me with a girl named Melanie and a son named Darrin. I really was so grateful that the Lord granted me the wonderful gift of life.

After they both graduated from school, I got a divorce from my husband after 28 years of marriage. I was 49 years old and at that time, my life went for a severe dive, straight down into the Evil One's world of sin. I seldom thought of God and the Devil really ruled my life. How much I displeased the Lord then, it really made me think. I married for the second time and it was not for the best. It was absolutely bad and wicked and we divorced four years later.

Sometime after this, I finally started my life with God and His Son Jesus Christ. Rose Stacey introduced me to her church called Home Church Langley which has so many beautiful and caring people, including Pastor Jim. He and others taught me how to pray, how to reach my Bible and go to the New Christians Class.

I am through with my old corrupted former life. My corrupt ways and attitudes are long gone now and my new self, created to be like God in true righteousness and as a gift of His grace, is the new Margaret Mitcham. I feel ready to be baptized.

It's been three years this month that I've been HOME at Home Church Langley. How wonderful! I wish to thank all the beautiful people here. I see you as my brothers and sisters in Christ and as my family and friends. Also, I really want to thank Pastor Jim for all the help he's given me along the way through Sunday services, New Christians Class, Bible lessons and to understand that every stumbling block I come across has a purpose. Today, I feel great gratitude towards God, His Son and towards everyone. Thank-you!

Michael Moll